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Comprehension Collection (Gr. 3)

Comprehension Collection (Gr. 3)

Price: $8.99
Item #: REM 171C
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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B. Cline said,
Rating - A helpful collection of activities to boost reading comprehension skills. Includes reading for details such as the five W's and fun activities for finding facts and following directions. Great for independent workbooks or small group instruction.
Grade Level: 3
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Understanding the written word - in all its forms.
Whether being asked to read an advertisement, decode a message, or follow a recipe, the 30 illustrated activities included in this book provide an intriguing way to boost comprehension skills.

From answering questions about a personal letter, identifying true/false statements after reading a paragraph on cats, or completing a crossword puzzle after finishing a story about “Bottle Messages,” the lessons in this book will make honing reading, writing, and spelling skills an enjoyable exercise.

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Comprehension Collection (Gr. 3)
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Comprehension Collection (Gr. 3)
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