Curriculum Textbooks

Help Students Achieve Academic Success!
In providing Pacemaker and AGS curriculum textbooks, Remedia's goal is to have content at an accessible reading level. Because when it comes to learning, we know that “one text does not fit all!”

Pacemaker Textbooks
Studies show that the lower the reading level, the higher the retention rate. Pacemaker Textbooks are filled with adapted content that exposes students to subjects at middle and high school level. They are designed to encourage learning with carefully paced lessons and a focus on basic skills. Click here to view Remedia's Pacemaker textbooks.

Alternative Textbooks are ideal for students who:

  • Read three or more grades below level
  • Need dedicated support to make lessons understandable
  • May move directly to work or transition programs

AGS Textbooks
AGS Textbooks help students who are on track for graduation, but need extra support. Based on national and state standards and filled with accessible features, they engage students who struggle with reading, language, or a learning disability. Click here to view Remedia's AGS textbooks.

Foundational Textbooks are ideal for students who:

  • Read one or three grades below level
  • Need assistance to stay on track for graduation
  • May pursue post-secondary academics

Component Details ~ Pick & Choose Exactly What Your Students Need!


  • Student Edition - Builds students’ knowledge in critical content areas with accessible reading levels and a research-based instructional design.
  • Digital Student Edition - Provides a text-to-speech Student Text that includes additional features such as note-taking, highlighting, and tracking.
  • Student Workbook - Extends and reinforces textbook concepts through practice exercises.
  • Audio CD Program - Accommodates the auditory learner, assists reluctant readers, and provides reinforcement.


  • Teacher’s Edition - Contains the complete Student Text with teaching suggestions, lesson overviews, tips on learning styles, and a variety of activities.
  • Teacher’s Answer Edition - Provides accessible answers and teaching suggestions right on the student pages, point-of-use-support, and ESL tips.
  • Teacher’s Planning Guide - Contains activities for ESL and different learning styles, vocabulary support, a resource planner, and alternative assessments.
  • Teacher’s Resource Library CD - Offers hundreds of activities, the Student Workbook, a Self-Study Guide for students who want to work at their own pace, two forms of chapter tests, plus midterm and final tests.
  • Classroom Resource Binder - Supports lessons with reproducible activities that review, reinforce, and enrich key skills and concepts covered in the Student Text.
  • Interactive Classroom Resource CD - Presents an easy-to-use electronic format of the Classroom Resource Binder.
  • Skill Track Software (Site License) - Provides hundreds of multiple-choice items relating to the textbook’s content and includes group and individual reports for monitoring student progress. Windows/Mac compatible.
  • Teaching Strategies Transparencies - Provides clear objectives and teaching strategies to help present concepts in a more meaningful, visual way. Graphic organizers include comparison charts, Venn diagrams, word webs, spider maps, topic frames, and more. Instruction book and reproducibles included.