Where in the World?™ Game

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Grade Level: 2+
Interest Level: 2-Adult
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Where in the World launched the trend in geography games. Today, this game remains the most comprehensive world geography game that families and classrooms love! The game contains facts about every country in the world including capitals, major imports and exports, languages and religions. With 6 games in one, it’s possible for players of all abilities to play together providing challenge and a world of fun for everyone. 2-6 players.

With the U.S.A. Edition players will enjoy various levels of play to learn about each state in the U.S.A. Aside from learning the geography, students will also learn thirteen unique features of each state. Featured facts include admission date, rank in size, population, and more. The U.S.A. Edition also includes a new level of play for large groups and even the entire classroom.

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