Pacemaker Basic English - Teacher's Edition

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Interest Level: 6-12 
Reading Level: 3-4
Teacher's Edition - Includes the complete Student Text with teaching suggestions lesson overviews tips on learning styles and a variety of activities.

Give students the tools to succeed! Through carefully planned instruction plus lots of practice, review, and reinforcement, students of all abilities will develop the skills they need to meet academic content standards and improve performance on state tests.

Basic English provides engaging writing and speaking exercises like Putting It All Together, Building Research Skills, Vocabulary Builder, Spelling Builder, English in Your Life, and Communicating on the Job-all designed to give students the opportunities to practice and apply essential basic English skills.

Topics Include:
Writing Sentences
Using Different Parts of speech in Sentences
Using Prepositional Phrases
Recognizing Sentence Patterns
Writing Compound & Complex Sentences
Using Verbals & Verbal Phrases
Writing Paragraphs
Understanding Purposes for Writing
Writing Reports
And More!

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