Survival Signs & Symbols Complete Program

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Grade Level: 3-12
Interest Level: 5-12
Reading Level: 3-4


77 Flash Cards, 1 Activity Book (REM 910), & Sofware



Help low-level and nonreaders recognize essential, everyday signs. Four different activities help strengthen students’ knowledge of 75 common signs and symbols. Activities include matching pictures to written cues, or for limited readers, matching signs and symbols to spoken cues. Students then “flip” each sign to learn its meaning and common locations. 

A dynamic quiz option tests student comprehension and keeps interest high. Bold graphics and simple, easy-to-understand definitions are sure to appeal to students of all ability levels. Daily work can be saved, showing progress over time. Also print activities and picture-based lists for additional practice. Requirements: Windows XP or later and Macintosh (Intel® processor) OS 10.5 or later. Touch screen and switch compatible. 512MB RAM.


Flash Cards
Recognizing and understanding the 94 essential survival signs, symbols, and words in this set will help keep students safe and will encourage self-reliance. The bold graphics and simple, easy-to-understand definitions make these ideal for students of all ability levels. A must-have addition for any life skills class. Includes 96 flash cards (3"x6") and 10 detailed extension activities.


Activity Book 

The future looks brighter for students who use this series to develop valuable life and survival skills! Each of the 5 books  in the set targets an important aspect of the everyday world. Key vocabulary is introduced in context and then reinforced in motivating excercises that emphasize word pronunciations and definitions. Interesting stories and real life activities improve problem solving and writing skills.

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