Beginning Basic Skills: Recognizing Coins (eBook)

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Money sense! This introduction to money helps students identify coins and their values as well as count coins.

“Color the nickels silver.” “Draw a line to match the head of each coin with its tail.” A quarter, two dimes and a nickel are pictured. “How much do you have?”

What students learned is put to practice “buying” items using their coins. “Cut out the coins and use them to buy a 26-cent ice cream cone, a 9-cent piece of candy, and a 16-cent pretzel.”

In all, there are 25 worksheets in this basic skills learning unit.

This eBook is a whiteboard-ready PDF. You will need to have the current version of Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader® click here to get it for free.  

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