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Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (+, -)

Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (+, -)

Price: $11.99
Item #: REM 102A
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!
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Linda Weiss said,
Rating - It's a great book! My students love it. They learn to add money and give change. It makes math fun!
Grade Level: 3-6
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Make learning fun while boosting basic skills with this unique book of practical application math activities. The book features a colorful, 11x17 inch fold-out menu to which students must refer to figure costs when spending money at a restaurant! From hamburgers to french fries, your students will get their fill as they work through hundreds of computation and real-life word problems. Students figure food costs, tax, total restaurant checks, make change, and more!
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Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (+, -)
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Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (+, -)
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