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Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (6 Extra Menus)

Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (6 Extra Menus)

Price: $6.99
Item #: REM 102D
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Jane said,
Rating - This material motivates and engages students. I use it for Math and Language Arts. Students are eager to write their own word problems and solve them. The accompanying workbooks provide problem solving opportunities. My students also learn a great deal of vocabulary and non-fiction text features information by exploring the menu.
Grade Level: 3-6
Interest Level: N/A
Reading Level: N/A
Six extra price lists for The Hamburger Hut. Perfect for role-playing situations and classrooms where students will benefit from having their own full-color, realistic price list to use instead of a black and white photocopy.
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Menu Math: The Hamburger Hut (6 Extra Menus)
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