Yesterday's Voices (6-Book Set)

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Interest Level: 5-12
Reading Level: 2.0-3.0

Meet the Common Core Genre Requirements with this Hi-Lo Historical Fiction for Teens

These high-interest historical fiction stories will grab your reluctant readers’ attention while meeting the Common Core genre requirements. Each fictional story also includes a nonfiction summary and concludes with a series of activities designed to further explore the subject. Each book contains stunning full-color interiors while maintaining an easy-to-read open layout. Approximately 1000 words each.

6-Book Set Includes:

  • Gladiator: The Story of a Fighter
  • Holocaust: The Story of a Survivor
  • Over the Top: The Story of a Soldier
  • Tail Gunner: The Story of a Bombing Raid
  • Titanic: The Story of a Disaster
  • Runaway: The Story of a Slave

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