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I Wonder...Series 1 (Sample Set)

I Wonder...Series 1 (Sample Set)

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Item #: REM 174A
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Dawn said,
Rating - Super for your reluctant readers. My students grab for them out the box. There are questions in the back, but I have the students fill out a topic web. Also they learn fun facts. If you are having trouble getting your students to sit and read independently, put some of these in their book bins.
CCSS Level: 1-3
Interest Level: 3-6
Reading Level: 1-4
I wonder...
Why do dogs bury bones?
Does the giraffe have a voice?
How can a fly walk on the ceiling?
How can some beans jump?

Answers to these and 20 more questions can be found in this exciting full-color series of 24 books aimed at reluctant and struggling readers. The strong visual support, short sentences, and small amount of predictable text per page are the focal points of this series.

The Sample Set Includes:

  • 24 Books (1 of each title iin Series 1)
  • 1 Activity Book

Series 1 Titles:
Is The Bald Eagle Really Bald?
Why Do Bats Hang Upside Down?
How Do Birds Chew Their Food?
Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?
How Can A Fly Walk On The Ceiling?
Does The Giraffe Have A Voice?
Why Does Hair Turn Gray?
Why Do Owls Hunt At Night?
Why Do Pigs Wallow In Mud?
How Can Polar Bears Stay Warm In Cold Weather?
How Were Potato Chips Invented?
Why Do Snakes Stick Out Their Tongues?

How Can Some Beans Jump?
How Long Have We Used Bikes?
What Are Comets?
Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?
What Is An Echo?
Who First Made Ice Cream?
Where Do Insects Go In Winter?
What Is The Man In The Moon?
Why Does Popcorn Pop?
What Is A Sonic Boom?
Why Do Stars Twinkle?
What Are The Biggest, Tallest, And Oldest Trees?

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for Remedia's products.

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I Wonder...Series 1 (Sample Set)
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