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Mini Mystery Readers (Small Group Set)

Mini Mystery Readers (Small Group Set)

Price: $129.99
Item #: REM 178B
Average Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars!
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Gena Corbitt said,
Rating - I like the Mini Mysteries with the accompanying teacher guide. The stories are interesting and have the same characters throughout the series. The books are very short, which I did not realize when we ordered them. I really like the stories with the CD for a listening center and the teacher guide. I just wish the stories were a little longer.
CCSS Level: 2-4*
Interest Level: 3-6
Reading Level: 2-4

From missing valuables to forged documents, students are a part of the action as they help junior detectives Sam Sherlock and Bree Cody search for clues and solve each mystery.

The Small Group Set Includes:

  • 72 books (3 each of all 24 titles)
  • 1 activity book
  • 2 audio CD's

24 Exciting Titles
Sure to keep them in suspense until the end--each 8-page story features vivid illustrations, strong visual clues, and short, easy-to-read text. With two levels of difficulty to choose from, you're sure to have the right book for each and every student!

Reproducible Activity Book
This collection of activities will help your junior detectives solve each case while reinforcing important skills! Clever questions encourage students to read for small details, analyze situations, make inferences, and predict outcomes. A terrific way to help students truly understand what they've read!

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Sam Sherlock Titles (Reading Level 2-3)
The Case of the Missing Girl
The Case of the Killer Whale
The Case of the Missing Cotton Candy
The Case of the Haunted Mansion
The Case of the Forged Letter
The Case of the Carnival Money
The Case of the Birthday Party Mystery
The Case of the False Alarm
The Case of the Missing Piggy Bank
The Case of the Senator's Party
The Case of the Phony Painting
The Case of the Piano Phantom

Bree Cody Titles (Reading Level 3-4)
The Case of the Rigged Ransom
The Case of the Bashful Barterer
The Case of the Big Bully
The Case of the Forest Park Thief
The Case of the Theater Theft
The Case of the Soccer Switch
The Case of the Distressed Druggist
The Case of Skullduggery
The Case of Mistaken Identity
The Case of the Missing Jewelry Box
The Case of the Troublesome Tickets
The Case of the Mismarked Mongrel

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for Remedia's products.

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Mini Mystery Readers (Small Group Set)
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Mini Mystery Readers (Small Group Set)
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