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Concentration (Gr. 3-4)

Concentration (Gr. 3-4)

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Item #: REM 204E
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Esther Weiser said,
Rating - This book is great. My son has attention issues and his therapist wanted us to get a book of exercises he can complete on his own to help us improve this problem. When we showed her this one, she loved it and used it right away. Throughout the whole session, she kept telling me how great this book was to help exactly how we needed it. And the best part was that my son enjoyed them too. Each page is interesting and not too hard for the level so he can be successful and gain back his self confidence.
Grade Level: 3-4
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Improve attention span! The 23 visual activities in this popular unit are designed to increase students’ concentration and attention to details.

One exercise, for example, includes two versions of a picture – each depicting two boys fishing on a riverbank. Students are challenged to find 10 differences between the drawings.

The game-like exercises found here range from hidden objects and memory graphics to word pyramids and categorizations. Children are sure to have loads of fun while stimulating their thinking skills.

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Concentration (Gr. 3-4)
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Concentration (Gr. 3-4)
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