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Listen, Remember, and Do (Grades 3-4)

Listen, Remember, and Do (Grades 3-4)

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Lisa B. said,
Rating - I've run across individual activities like the ones in this book, but I've never seen a book of listening skill activities. My students love them! They're fun, and each one is different. I've started using some as a model to make more worksheets myself. If the directions are multistep and difficult for my lower level ELLs, it's easy to modify the activity.
Grade Level: 3-4
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Paying attention! The 30 lessons in this learning unit will teach students to listen, remember what they have been told, and execute the oral directions given.

To begin, students listen as an explanation of each exercise is given. “On your worksheets there are three rows of boxes. You will be told what to do in each row.”

Next children are given instructions. “Draw a line from the fish to the ball; make it go over the pig.” “Draw a triangle in the middle box.”

While having fun with these imaginative activities, students will boost their listening, comprehension, and motor skills.

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Listen, Remember, and Do (Grades 3-4)
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Listen, Remember, and Do (Grades 3-4)
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