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Proofreading (2-Book Set)

Proofreading (2-Book Set)

Price: $12.99
Item #: REM 135B
Average Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars!
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Evagrusti said,
Rating - I love these books. They help my middle school special ed class practice their proofreading skills to help improve their own writing. I am so glad I purchased these books.
Grade Level: 3-8
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These valuable resources teach about the proofreading process and using proofreading marks.

Proofreading 3-4 covers corrections for capitalization, punctuation at the end of sentences, apostrophes, and misspelled words.

Proofreading 5-8 covers the same corrections plus abbreviations, commas, deletions, making changes, and beginning new paragraphs.

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