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Science Behind Remedia

The Remedia Difference…

We know that when it comes to students, one size does NOT fit all…that’s why we’ve been a leader in special education products for over 30 years!

Our innovative products are specifically designed for special needs and struggling students. Research shows that using materials in multiple formats with low reading levels, high-interest topics, and realistic illustrations is essential when it comes to ensuring all students achieve academic success. Our materials are based on proven teaching techniques, sound educational research, and frequent classroom testing.

Our products target the same essential skills in multiple formats…

  • Reproducible Activties
  • Full-Color Story Cards & Folders
  • Games & Manipulatives
  • Flash Cards
  • Audio CDs
  • Whitebard-Ready Resource CDs
  • Software

Our products offer many unique features to keep students interested…

  • Dynamic Illustrations
  • Short Reading Passages
  • Easy-to-Read Font
  • Skill-Specific Follow-Up Activities
  • Controlled Vocabulary
  • Skills Charts

Remedia’s High-Interest, Low Readability Materials Really Work!
We level our products to help educators find appropriate materials for their classroom. Products are identified by three different level classifications:

GRADE LEVEL: The traditional grade level for which the product is appropriate.

INTEREST LEVEL: The grade level at which students will find the material interesting and relevant.

READING LEVEL: The grade level at which a student is expected to be able to read the material

We utilize the Flesch-Kincaid Readability Scale to level products. Readability scales are useful as long as one realizes their limitations. Results are approximate guidelines only, with a minimum margin of error of (+ or -) a grade level. In other words, a story measured at a second grade readability level could easily be suitable for both first and third graders.

In spite of the inexact nature of readability scales, we use them because they measure word and sentence length, both valid predictors of readability.

We realize that these scales are not designed to measure every other factor affecting readability, such as, sentence structure or appeal to the reader. We are also aware of the variance in standards and expectations set for each grade level. What is first grade material in one school may be second grade material in another. At Remedia we strive to take all these factors into consideration as we develop and revise materials. We leave the rest in your capable hands.