Steps in Math Series (5-Book Set)

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Grade Level: K-3
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CCSS Math Level: K-1*

This 5-book series focuses on specific, beginning math skills. The material is presented in short, manageable chunks so young learners can isolate and master one concept before moving on to the next. Skills include recognizing and writing numbers, counting, adding, subtracting, and relating numerals and symbols to actual objects. 24 pages each.

Set Includes:

  • REM 5010A - What is a Number? (GL K-1)
  • REM 5010B - How Many Do You See? (GL K-2)
  • REM 5010C - How Do I Count to 30? (GL K-1)
  • REM 5010D - How Do I Add? (GL K-3)
  • REM 5010E - How Do I Subtract? (GL K-3)

*Download the Common Core State Standards for this product.

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