Word Search Puzzles: Categories (eBook)

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Improve vocabulary and writing. Each of the 24 “word-building” lessons in this book features up to 18 words, a word-search letter grid, and three filing categories for students to complete.

Exercise themes range from “Bon Voyage” and “Be Prepared,” to “Try These Terms” to “Vacation Time.” Students are challenged to find and circle the given words in the letter grid, then categorize the words under three headings.

Example: “Write each word below the correct ‘Vacation Time’ category: Places to Visit. Places to Eat. Places to Shop.”

This lesson unit is a strong way for a child to have fun and expand his/her vocabulary at the same time.

This eBook is a whiteboard-ready PDF. You will need to have the current version of Acrobat Reader® installed on your computer. If you do not have Acrobat Reader® click here to get it for free.  

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