Edmark Functional Words Series (Complete Program)

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The Functional Words Series uses a word recognition method, involving repeated exposure to target words. Every lesson targets one or more functional vocabulary words and engages students in a variety of learning activities. The Functional Words Series lessons are carefully sequenced, moderately paced, and repetitive. The target words are categorized into four functional areas covered in four individual kits within the series. Each kit of the program includes a Teacher’s Guide, 100 Word Recognition Lessons, 300 reproducible Vocabulary Activities, a 5-book set of Stories, a Board Game and game pieces, a pack of 100 Photo Cards, a pack of 100 Word Cards, and a CD, all in a sturdy storage box. Ages 9 and up.


  • Signs Around You
  • Grocery Words
  • Fast-Food/Restaurant Words
  • Job/Work Words

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