Up With Language Complete Set

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Grade Level: 3-8
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5 Activity Books
Develop specific language skills with these easy-to-use books filled with solid, targeted, skill-building activities. Each activity book is delightfully illustrated, loaded with practice, and superb as an introduction or review. Reliable and practical, these books are sure to reinforce and enrich students’ language skills. 48 pages each.

7 Reference Charts
Save time looking up language rules with these full-color 17”x22” quick reference wall charts! Each chart serves as a colorful visual reminder, highlighting the essentials of each book.

18 Reminder Strips
For quick and easy reference to rules and examples, take advantage of the 22” x 6” reminder strips! From commas and apostrophes to adverbs and proper nouns, these reminder strips highlight the important details you want students to remember.

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