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Words That Rhyme (Gr. 2-3)

Words That Rhyme (Gr. 2-3)

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Grade Level: 2-3
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This illustrated workbook is packed with fun and creative activities designed to help students adequately learn, clearly identify, and creatively write rhyming words. Each of the 24 exercises included is unique.

  • The Rhyming Crosswords provide clues: "It rhymes with hose. It is in the middle of your face."
  • Color Rhymes give children an artistic way to identify rhyming pairs whether those word pairs are perched on balloons or stuffed into the cherries of a piece of pie.
  • Picture Rhymes encourage students to match rhyming words with images. Below the picture of a Goat, for example, students are to place the words Float, Note, and Boat.

This book is a truly inviting way to further a child's rhyming skills.

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Words That Rhyme (Gr. 2-3)
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Words That Rhyme (Gr. 2-3)
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