Skill-Based Story Cards: Science

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Grade Level: 2-4*
Interest Level: 3-12
Reading Level: 3-4

This dynamic series features captivating, full-color illustrations that spark student interest and offer clues to the story's content. Under each illustration is a short, high-interest reading passage. Skill-based questions featured on the back of each card target specific comprehension skills like-facts, sequence, cause and effect, comparison, vocabulary, locating the answer, conclusion, and inference. Suggestions for extra activities extend learning. Ideal for both large and small groups or as a center activity, these versatile sets store easily in a durable storage box. Cards measure 8.5"x11".

Teach reading skills and science facts at the same time! These high-interest cards feature compelling nonfiction stories, color-coded into three science categories--Natural Disasters, Animals, and Solar System. From exciting stories about earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes, to facts about interesting, unique animals and the mysteries of space, these cards will hold the interest of all readers. Includes 90 story cards--two each of 45 different cards. Click here to download FREE worksheets for this product, plus a list of Reading Levels for each story! Download the updated/revised Volcanoes story.

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for this product.

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