MP3 Player/Recorder & Headphones

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Store, Organize, Play, Record, & LEARN!
Built especially for the classroom, this digital audio player has many features to nurture language learning and reading skills! Durable MP3 Player/Recorder features integrated volume control for safety, dual headphone jacks for multiple listeners, and a microphone for podcasting. LCD screen displays the current track status, track number, track time, and more. USB connector transfers tracks to the computer and recharges the internal battery in 5 hours while connected. Up to 16 hours of continuous playing time. Accommodates up to 2GB SD card (not included). 1-year warranty for schools included. Measures 4"x2-1/4"x1".

* 2 headphone jacks
* Built-in microphone
* Ambient, noice-reducing headphones
* Right-angle plug that resists accidental pull-outs
* Durable plastic casing

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