Leveled Texts for Fifth Grade

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Grade Level: 5
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Reading Level: 3.6-7.6

Leveled Texts for Fifth Grade equips teachers with reading materials designed for classes with a wide range of reading abilities. This series covers 20 texts in four subject areas. Each text written in three different styles, tailored for low-, on-, and above-level readers, as well as English language learners. For teachers, this valuable series provides differentiated texts right at their fingertips. Since each informational text features the same cover, with the only thing different is the leveled content for each type of learner, students can be confident and secure in their reading level. Leveled Texts for Fifth Grade focuses on important reading skills needed to meet state requirements. Topics range in the Math, Science, and Social Studies subject areas, preparing students for college and career readiness. 144 pages.

  • This extensive kit includes 60 books in total. Each subject area (Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies) features five texts, differentiated for below-level (-2 levels), on-level, and above-level (+2 levels) learners.
  • Each text comes with questions that are differentiated for each type of learner so the entire class can engage in meaningful discussion.
  • From the front cover to the last page, students will be enthralled with the vibrant images, illustrations, and diagrams that help increase content understanding and comprehension.
  • With a downloadable option, the Leveled Texts series is available digitally.
  • Aligned with Common Core State Standards, this resource also connects with McREL and TESOL/WIDA standards.

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