All About... Verbs Dry-Erase Kit

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All About... Verbs guides students to explore the special characteristics of verbs. This program includes lessons on regular and irregular verb forms, present, past, and future tenses, linking verbs and verb helpers. Students are systematically taught the nature of sentence structure, subject-predicate agreement, transitive and intransitive verbs. This product is designed for use in 3rd through 12th grade, English as a Second Language (ESL) courses, English Language Learners (ELL) and Adult Education (AE) classes. The program includes a title card, suggestion for use card, an introductory poem, 42 activity cards, a test, answer key cards, and printable student progress record card and award certificate on a CD-ROM along with two write-on/wipe-off card pockets.
This kit covers these concepts and much more: verbs as action words, simple predicates, simple subjects and simple predicates, complete subjects and simple predicates, verbs as engines, linking verbs, intransitive verbs, transitive verbs, object of the verb, objects for transitive verbs, transitive and intransitive verbs, verbs and singular subjects, subjects and verbs, plural nouns and plain verb forms, subject nouns and verb forms, present and past tense, future tense, regular verbs, verbs ending in y, regular verb forms, subject pronouns I and you with had and have, verb helpers with ing, linking verbs that show tense, “to be” verbs, irregular verbs, irregular verb helpers.

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