Cloze Vocabulary & More (12-Book Set)

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Interest Level: 2-Adult
Reading Level: 2-5

These practice-packed activities are sure to increase your students’ vocabulary skills and improve their word recognition and understanding of multiple meanings. Basic vocabulary skills are reinforced through the use of  modified cloze procedures and multiple-choice questions. Degree of difficulty progresses from lesson to lesson and level to level.  Each reproducible book contains 30 lessons with seven exercises that include 10 key words per lesson. Dictionary entries, progress chart, and answer key included. 160 pages each. Set of 12 books includes three of each level.

Word-Changing Skills Include:
•    Forming Plurals
•    Forming Plural and Singular Possessives of Nouns
•    Forming Present and Past Tense Verbs
•    Forming Present Participle Verbs
•    Forming Adjectives from Nouns
•    Forming Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
•    Adding Prefixes/Suffixes to Nouns

Standards Mastered:
•    Vocabulary Development
•    Spelling Compound Words
•    Using Context Clues
•    Prefix, Suffix, & Base Words

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