Language Puzzles (Blends)

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Interest Level: 1-Adult
CCSS Level: 1-3
Consonant blends are an important phonetic element in our language structure. These fun and engaging phonics puzzles are an instructive method for reinforcing the most common and familiar blends sounds. Each set contains ten reversible jigsaw-cut, four-piece puzzles, twenty puzzles in all. The reversible sides are color-coded, one blue, the other black. Each puzzle is cut into four interconnecting pieces. The top, largest piece represents a consonant blend sound in letters, and the other three pieces illustrate objects whose names contain that blend sound. Jigsaw cuts and color-coding provide for self-correction. Set One, the black-print puzzles are the more difficult; six pictured objects or actions contain a blend in medial or final position, while the blend in all others appears in initial position. The blue print puzzles contain one blend in medial position and one blend in final position. Set Two, the white puzzles, contain blends in the initial position while the tan puzzles contain blends in the final position. The 8.5"x4" puzzles are very useful as a practice supplement and drill for phonics study.

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