Look 'N Cook Beginners Program (Complete Program)

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Grade Level: 7-12
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Cookbook & Lesson Plans
Created by a special education teacher, this beginner program features 62 step-by-step recipes and realistic, full-color illustrations! Cookbook includes 110 laminated pages and a wipe-clean vinyl easel binder. Spiral-bound Lesson Plans feature 40 lessons teaching kitchen safety, cooking techniques, and nutrition. Each lesson lists objectives, materials needed, and procedures with teaching suggestions. 116 pages. Print recipe pages for each student with the included Win/Mac CD of printable PDFs.

Don't just tell students the steps to a recipe, show them with these live action videos! DVD 1 features a collection of 62 recipes--all shot from the chef's point of view. Each recipe is presented as a separate, 2-minute movie. 128 minutes. DVD 2 features Madeline Merced, a host on TasteTV, and covers important cooking concepts like Safety First, Food Words, Kitchen Tools, and Cooking Hygiene. 44 minutes.

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