Practical Practice Math: Binder 2

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Grade Level: 3-5
Interest Level: 4-12
CCSS Level: 3-7*

Comprehensive Life Skills Math Program
When it comes to getting students’ attention, and keeping it, making your lesson as relatable as possible is key. Motivate students with this one-of-a-kind math program! Students will find compelling reasons to master the math skills with these everyday life experiences.

This real-life program features sturdy, glossy folders that are divided into 5 everyday math categories. Each category includes 4 unique folders. With the help of realistic information and photos, each folder tells a math “story.” Facts from the folders are used to complete comprehension questions that familiarize students with the folders and word problems that progress in difficulty throughout each category. The skills covered are clearly labeled on each activity page.

 The Resource CD includes whiteboard-ready PDFs of the entire contents of the binder including the full-color folders, a complete list of skills, plus bonus activities, reference pages, blank checks, deposit slips, and more.

*Download the Common Core State Standards for this product.

Applied Math Skills include:

- Multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication & division
- Money, time, measurement, percents, decimals, fractions

When students have successfully completed this program, they’ll be able to confidently order from a menu, figure the total of a bill (including tip and tax), plan a household budget or a trip, and much more! 

Contents Include:

- 80 Pages of Word Math Problems
- 20 Pages of Comprehension Questions
- 22 Pages of “Learning Tools” Helper Pages
- Teaching Suggestions
- Answer Keys
- Resource CD
- 20 Full-Color Folders

Full-Color Folders:

- 20 Different Folders
- 5 Everyday Math Categories
- 4 Pages per Folder (8.5”x11” each)

5 Everyday Math Categories (4 Folders Each):

- Menu Math – mouthwatering selections from unique restaurants
Consumer Math – realistic ads for local stores*
Family Math – a personal look at the budgets & expenses of diverse families
Travel Math – itineraries & travel plans for adventurous trips
Business Math – an inside look at the costs of running different businesses

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