Perceptual & Spatial Concepts (4-Book Set)

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Grade Level: 1-3
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Strong readiness skills are an important prerequisite for reading success. Help young learners achieve this with our superlative 4-book set that features a total of 192 practice pages designed to strengthen important foundational skills. We think you’ll find this series a terrific addition to your reading readiness program!

Activities include completing sequences, connecting the dots, and drawing. Students view shapes, pegs, and geometric designs to determine position, compare shapes, and find patterns.

A complete introduction to basic two- and three-dimensional shapes. Students identify, describe, create, and write the names of ten different shapes.

Help students master the concepts of location and direction. Plenty of practice sheets and fun illustrations ensure an understanding of above, below, beside, left, right, middle, last, etc.

Promote reading and writing success through the use of mazes, grids, figure-ground activities, pictures to complete, and single-line drawings to copy.

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