Coin Abacus® (100 Reproducibles)

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With our electronic teaching tool, students of all ages will master money counting skills in no time! Just slide the realistic coins and bills from left to right, and see the total on the easy-to-read LCD screen. When a coin or bill is moved back to the left, the amount is subtracted from the total. Students see how different coin combinations can equal the same amount of money. Two games challenge students to use the right combinations of coins to reach a target amount. Batteries included. Measures 12”x9.5”x1.75”. CHOKING HAZARD. Not for under 3 yrs.
Use the 100 reproducible, easy-to-follow worksheets with the Coin Abacus® for additional coin counting practice. Students work problems on the Coin Abacus®, then write the answers on the worksheets. Activities include Coin Counting (with visual cues), Bill and Coin Counting (with visual cues), Pocket Money Counting, and Pocket Money Subtraction.

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