Cross Math Puzzles (Addition & Subtraction)

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Cross Math Puzzles are designed to provide a new dimension to mastery of basic addition and subtraction facts. These puzzles contain 144 addition facts and 144 subtraction facts. The facts are written in horizontal or sentence form and in vertical or column form. With little supervision, small groups or individuals can develop accuracy by means of this manipulative activity. Students improve their computational skills and enjoy themselves in the process.

Objectives: The student will: Improve accuracy in basic addition facts; Improve accuracy in basic subtraction facts; Perceive numerical relationships; Demonstrate fine motor control by manipulating puzzle pieces.

Suggestions for Use: Introduce the puzzles containing the facts you wish to present. Show the students how the center circle is part of two facts on each side – one horizontal and one vertical. Here are a few of the many ways to group the puzzles for extra practice and reinforcement of concepts:

  1. Show one through twelve plus one to plus twelve or any combination
  2. Show one through twelve minus one to minus twelve or any combination
  3. Display addition facts adding up to ten or particular number one through twelve
  4. Contrast inverse relationship of addition and subtraction facts

Adaptations: For individuals to compete with their own time, use a stopwatch or a set of one to three minute timers to spur on speed and accuracy. For team effort the puzzles may be completed to determine speed and accuracy in competition.

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