Let's Get Ready for Second Grade

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Grade Level: 2
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This 256-page, full-color workbook is packed with Common Core aligned activities. Each Common Core skill is listed for ease in creating lesson plans. Packed with activities explaining place value, geometry and apropriate grade level phonics, students will practice a multitude of skills necessary for the CCSS benchmarks set for second grade learners.

This book also includes 20 song downloads which reinforce how addition is related to subtraction and other math strategies which make learning basic facts easy and fun!


  • Understand Place Value
  • Add & Subtract within 20
  • Work with Time & Money
  • Represent & Interpret Data
  • Gain an Understanding of Beginning Multiplication
  • Reason with Shapes & their Attributes
  • Apply Grade-Level Phonics in Decoding Words
  • Decode Words with Common Prefixes & Suffixes
  • Identify Main Idea & Details of a Story
  • Make Inferences, Draw Conclusions, Recognize Fact & Opinion, Predict Outcomes
  • and More!

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