Aligning IEP's to State Standards

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Current federal policy requires that alternate achievement standards be linked to grade level content that promotes access to the general curriculum. This succinctly presented book provides a clear framework for aligning academic content for students with an intellectual disability. It focuses on language arts and math, plus self-determination and assistive technology. Includes sample objectives and a case study.

The new edition includes:

  • Ideas for aligning IEP goals and objectives to new Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Updated examples of ELA and math objectives based on CCSS
  • Updated case study examples of alignment for students with moderate and severe disabilities
  • Updated hardware and software examples used to teach academic objectives
  • A new chapter on effective instruction for teaching academic objectives to students with moderate and severe disabilities

The authors, Drs. Ginevra Courtade and Diane Browder, published Aligning IEPs to Academic Standards in 2005. It was an immediate success and one of Attainment’s all-time best sellers. In it they touched a special education sweet spot and readers responded with overwhelming enthusiasm. It explored the linkage between state and federal standards and fundamental school curricula and showed how each area could line up to standards in a way that advanced the student’s IEP without sacrificing practicality.

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