Differentiating the Curriculum for Gifted Learners

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A great tool for new teachers and pre-service educators, this resource provides up-to-date, research-based theory and practical applications to help teachers effectively differentiate instruction with gifted students in mind. The best practices provided can be immediately implemented in the classroom and are based on solid research and proven methodology for assurance and successful results. Packed with background information, underlying principles, plus extension, acceleration, and enrichment ideas, this book helps teachers to identify gifted students and their needs.156 pages.

Professional Development for Successful Classrooms
Enhance your professional resource library with these up-to-date, research-based guides. Designed for teachers and educators who are interested in current educational theory and best practices, these books (7"x9") are perfect for staff development sessions. 130-224 pages each. Buy the complete set of all 10 books for a wealth of valuable instructional strategies right at your fingertips!

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