Primary Thinking Skills: Following Directions / Making Inferences

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CCSS Level: K-2
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Teach the thinking process! Experts agree that when “thinking power” is improved, reading, comprehension, problem-solving, and writing abilities will follow suit.

The 28, highly visual lessons in this unit utilize word searches, puzzles, and color coding to teach students to identify inferences. (“I have black and white fur. I live in the forest. Sometimes I smell bad. What am I?).

Following directions are also covered. (Write the names of each creature pictured. “Fred is the biggest. Ned is bigger than Jed. One is named Ted. Jed is not the smallest.”)

The inclusion of creative illustrations greatly assists the learning process. The easy-to-use activities are sure to improve critical thinking skills.

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for this product.


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