Specific Skill Builders (Both Binders)

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CCSS Level: 2-4
Interest Level: 4+
Reading Level: 2.0-4.5

Our award-winning Specific Skill Builders Series was created to give students targeted practice with these key comprehension skills: main idea, context, facts, sequence, conclusions, and fact & opinion. By focusing on one comprehension skill at a time, struggling readers will have an opportunity to master that skill and improve overall reading and comprehension skills.

Now these short, high-interest stories are easy to make multiple copies of and organize! Each of the six skills in the binders is organized by tab dividers. With a variety of leveled stories, you can customize your reading lessons with the specific skill practice needed for each student. Great for one-on-one intervention, small groups of students on multiple skill levels, or whole-class participation!

Both 190-page, reproducible binders include a whiteboard-ready resource CD with printable PDFs, answer key, list of standards, and more.

Binders Feature:
- 90 Short Stories (140-160 words)
- Fiction & Nonfiction Topics
- Engaging Illustrations that Bring Stories to Life
- Follow-Up, Skill-Specific Comprehension Questions


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