Checkbook Math (Resource CD & Book Set)

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Practical life skills! Carl took his car to Hal’s Service Station and had his car’s engine tuned-up for $29.95, bought a new battery for $39.95, and had the oil changed for $9.95. For what amount did he need to make a check out to Hal’s?

After learning how to write a check, students are challenged with real-life finance word problems. First, they must solve a math question. Next, they are required to write a check for the correct amount, record the transactions, and keep track of the balances.

Everyday math is put to the test with each of the 26 lessons in this learning unit.

Resource CD includes reproducible, white-board ready PDFs.

- Over 50 check-writing activities
- Real-life situation word problems<
- Simple instructions
- Blank practice forms
- Glossary

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