Skill Booster Series (14-Book Set)

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CCSS Level: 1-4
Grade Level: 3-8
Reading Level: 3-4

14-Book Set

Building basic skills has never been so easy!
Do your students need a better understanding of the four kinds of sentences? Do they need practice with syllable or contraction formation? How about prefixes, and predicates? All these important skills and more are covered in these easy-to-use workbooks sure to give you an unending supply of reading and language reinforcement!

Over 400 pages of skill-based activities!

Puzzles, decoding sentence writing, dictionary activities, matching, word searches, reviews, pre/post tests, and more are included! These books are so comprehensive, you'll want to use them year-round.


- Subjects & Predicates
- Four Kinds of Sentences
- Contractions
- Plurals & Possessives
- Word Endings
- Antonyms
- Synonyms
- Homonyms
- Abbreviations
- Compounds
- Syllables
- Prefixes
- Suffixes
- Clipped Words

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for Remedia's products.

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