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Essential Sign Language Card Bundle Set

Essential Sign Language Card Bundle Set
Essential Sign Language Card Bundle Set

The Essential Sign Language card series is great resource to print out and keep handy for when sign language is can be used in everyday conversations.

Available per set for printing as many as you need within your respective classroom(s).


Are your sign language materials ASL or Signed English?

Yes! A question that too often cloaks, "Whose camp are you in?" Our offerings tend to run closer to the linguistic models of Standard English. While our Word in the Hand book is clearly modeled for Signed English, our Sign Language Literature Series models Conceptually Accurate Signed English (CASE), and other books which primarily present vocabulary (e.g., Pets, Animals & Creatures) select common usage signs based upon the ASL and Gallaudet communities. Other books (e.g., Signing at School or Can I Help?) model sentence structures closer to English syntax than ASL.

What sources do you use for your vocabulary?

We have tried to choose vocabulary signs that reflect a larger, common usage. Common usage primarily reflects ASL, with attention to Gallaudet, Signed English systems, and other competent academic programs.

Includes (1) 10-pack of Conversation cards and (1) 10-pack of Offering Assistance cards

Total - 20 packs

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