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Realistic Math Practice

These life skills materials give students realistic math practice for the real world. 

Model: REM 103A
Grade Level: 1-3Interest Level: 2-12Reading Level: 1-2These fun and effective books teach simple addition, subtraction, and multiplication through the use of real-life situations and visual cues. Students will have a great time as they refer to the colorful price lists to figure costs wh..
Model: REM 103B
CCSS Level: 2-5Interest Level: 3-12Reading Level: 3-4Each of the four Real-Life Math books in this classroom pack features a full-color, 11" x 17" fold-out menu to which students must refer to figure costs when ordering at a restaurant.From ice cream cones and chocolate shakes to hamburgers..
Model: REM 515C
Grade Level: 3-5Interest Level: 3-12Reading Level: N/ABuild consumer savvy and essential math skills with this 2-book set!Shopping Mall Math includes 27 lessons of real-life finance situations where students must use information depicted in an illustration of the given shopping experience to..
Model: REM 515B
Grade Level: 3-5Interest Level: 3-12Reading Level: N/APractical life skills! The car tires at Greg's Auto Supply are displayed with a sign that reads: Reg. Price $43.50. On sale for $37.50. Carol bought four tires on sale. How much did she spend? How much did she save?The 27 lessons present stu..
Model: REM 515
Grade Level: 3-5Interest Level: 3-12Reading Level: N/APractical life skills! In each of the 25 lessons in this learning unit, students are presented with a graphic illustration of a storefront window display. The drawings feature various items and their prices. It's just like window shopping!Exam..
Model: REM GP080
This workbook intends to provide a consistent and logical approach to setting up word problems. Thousands of students complain that it's understanding how to setup an equation from word problems that they have the most problems with, so this book focuses on this struggle. This workbook covers the overall s..
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