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TRIANGLES: Studies in Geometry Series

TRIANGLES: Studies in Geometry Series
TRIANGLES: Studies in Geometry Series

Grade Level: 9-12th

This series develops concepts through explanation, modeling, and practice. Topics include: Triangle Basics; Perimeter and Area; Special Segments; Congruent and Similar Triangles. This 56-page book includes an answer key.


About This Workbook
CHAPTER 1:  Triangle Basics
What is a Triangle?

Types of Triangles

Combining Classifications

Communicating with Geometric Figures
Angle measurements in triangles

Exterior and Remote Interior Angles

CHAPTER 2:  Right Triangles
The Pythagorean Theorem
Special Right Triangles

CHAPTER 3:  Perimeter and Area
What is Perimeter?

What is Area?

CHAPTER 4:  Special Segments
Segment definition
Drawing Special Segments

CHAPTER 5:  More Special Segments

CHAPTER 6:  Word Problems
Word Problem examples

CHAPTER 7:  Congruent Triangles
Defining Congruent Triangles

Finding unknown measures

Proving Triangles Congruent 1 & 2

CHAPTER 8:  Similar Triangles
What Makes Triangles similar?

Proving Triangles are Similar

Finding Measurements in Similar Triangles

Triangles Exam



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