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Straight Forward Geometry: 4-Book Set

 Straight Forward Geometry: 4-Book Set
Straight Forward Geometry: 4-Book Set

    Focus on key concepts one-step-at-a-time! Starting with Pre-Geometry and progressing through Trigonometry, this series tackles key geometry concepts in smaller lessons. Pre-Geometry sets students up for success by ensuring they have a strong foundation. Topics are more basic and include Lines, angles, relationships, transversals, polygons and circles. Geometry focuses on the heart of the subject and tackles congruent figures, triangles, polygons, essential theorems, measurements, perimeter, area and volume. Trigonometry includes facts about triangles, Pythagorean formulas, finding lengths, ratios, sine, cosine, and tangent etc. This series offers specific practice and reviews to keep students progressing.

4-book set

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