Leveled Texts for Social Studies (6-Book Set)

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Grade Level: 1-12
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Reading Level: 1.0-7.2

Engage and inspire students to read and comprehend a variety of science and social studies materials with this award-winning series. Each book contains 15 high-interest, two-page stories that have been leveled at four different reading levels. Although the reading levels have been differentiated, each passage appears the same to students. This combination of leveling and graphics makes differentiating the content quick and easy. A comprehension question follows each passage to promote class discussion and to ensure student success.

A Teacher Resource CD is included with each 144-page book. CD features full-color versions of the text plus Microsoft Word® versions of each passage so changes can be made to further adapt for student needs.

6-Book Set Includes:

  • Early America (Grades 4-12 / Reading Level 1.5-7.2)
  • Expanding & Preserving the Union (Grades 4-12 / Reading Level 1.5-7.2)
  • World Cultures through Time (Grades 4-12 / Reading Level 1.5-7.2)
  • The 20th Century (Grades 4-12 / Reading Level 1.5-7.2)
  • American Biolgraphies (Grades 1-8 / Reading Level 1.0-5.2)
  • Symbols, Monuments, & Documents (Grades 1-8 / Reading Level 1.0-5.2)

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