Practical Practice Reading: Life Skills (Binder & Resource CD)

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70 Real-World Reading Challenges to Build Comprehension & Life Skills

Reading schedules, maps, menus, labels, and catalogs is part of everyday life. However, some students need specific instruction and practice before they are able to understand, interpret, and use what they have read. This visually exciting program provides the practice students need to build confidence, while increasing reading comprehension and essential life skills.

Each highly visual page portrays a specific real-life reading challenge. Follow-up questions require students to refer back to the page they read, interpret, and use the information. Program includes 7 different categories at varying reading levels. Comes in a handy storage binder with 80 pages of practice activities and 70 full-color reference pages to which students must refer to find information. Black and white copies are also included of each reference page. A white-board ready resource CD is also included which contains the contents of the full binder in PDF format. Great for visual learners and reluctant learners as well.

Real-Life Reading Challenges in the following subjects:

  • Instructions
  • Internet Shopping
  • Labels & Packaging
  • Schedules
  • Ads & Coupons
  • Menus & Recipes
  • Guides & Maps

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