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Reading for Older Students (Complete Program)

Reading for Older Students (Complete Program)
Reading for Older Students (Complete Program)
Grade Level: 2+
Interest Level: 3-12
Reading Level: 1-3

Complete Program Includes 9 Books, Software, & Flash Cards:

- Phonics for Older Students (REM 800)
- Phonics Crossword Puzzles (REM 810A)
- Phonics Word Search Puzzles (REM 810B)
- Word Families for Older Students (REM 454B & 454C)
- Sight Words for Older Students (REM 904 & 905)
- Sight Words Flash Cards (REM 180F)
- Basic Sight Words Software (REM 1074)
- Quick Word Attack for Older Students (REM 851)
- E-Z Reading for Older Students (REM 3050)

Word Families For Older Students Set
Help students of all ages improve their basic reading skills! Twenty-two different word families are included in each high-interest book that uses familiar items to teach new words. Activities such as rhyming, dictionary, sentence completion, and word formation accompany each word. In addition, review pages further reinforce learning. This unique and high-interest approach is sure to help students who are not yet proficient readers.

Phonics for Older Students
Designed specifically for the student who has been introduced to vowel sounds but still needs further practice to reach mastery levels.  This comprehensive book offers over 120 pages of delightfully illustrated activities involving each vowel sound along with rhyming, riddles, letter substitution, sentence writing, word drill, alphabetizing, dipthongs, digraphs, and more! Phonemic awareness is an essential component of reading success… so give your students plenty of practice with this indispensable book!

Phonics Word Search & Crossword Puzzles Set
For further phonics fun, try these high-interest phonics puzzles! They make great seatwork activities and offer lots of practice.

Quick Word Attack for Older Students
Review basic phonic and word attack skills! Loaded with practice activities, this easy-to-use book provides a rapid review of word division skills and helpful word decoding formulas. Watch reading and vocabulary skills skyrocket when you use this book with your middle school, high school, adult, and ESL students. This ready-to-use book is perfect for classroom use or independent study.

Sight Words For Older Students Set
These practical books are perfect for students who have been introduced to essential sight words, but still need additional practice to help them reach mastery levels. Based on the Dolch List, these books include words most commonly used in everyday reading and speaking. So get your students on the road to reading success with this essential book!

E-Z Reading for Older Students
Beginning readers and older students reading below grade level are sure to enjoy the involving, fact-based stories that are presented in a free-verse-like format. Repeated use of the basic vocabulary pertaining to each story prompts the reader to recognize the words so that reading it becomes easier and more pleasurable as they go along. Comprehension questions follow each story.

Sight Words Flash Cards
This set of flash cards features 245 of the most commonly-used words in reading and speaking. Based on the Dolch List, this research-based set of cards will help students become better and more fluent readers. Flash cards are printed on high-quality, glossy card stock. Simply cut and use with small groupos or individual students.

Set Features:

- Sight words divided into 5 color-coded lists
- 25 colorful photo noun cards
- 248 flash cards in all

Basic Sight Words Software
Take students on an interactive ride as they learn 220 essential sight words! Basic Sight Words Software combines text, pictures, and speech to help students who need extra instructional time with sight word recognition. 

Based on flash cards, the Dolch list words are presented as “cards” with pre-recorded speech. Students click the “Flip Card” button and the computer reads a sentence with the sight word highlighted. Students can even record their speech! Multiple-Choice Mode allows students to read the sight word, and then select the corresponding speech from three choices.

Special features include the capability to select the words presented to each student; adjust the difficulty level to challenge students; and track student quiz scores. Also includes the option to print extra flash cards, word lists, plus matching & multiple-choice activities! Requirements: Windows XP or later and Macintosh (Intel® processor) OS 10.5 or later. Touch screen and switch compatible. 512MB RAM.

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