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Substitute Teaching

Substitute Teaching: help substitute teachers be prepared to meet a wide variety of classroom situations with materials.

Model: REM 598J
Grade Level: 3-5 Interest Level: 4-12 CCSS Level: 3-7*Set of 20 Extra Folders This set of sturdy, glossy folders are divided into 5 everyday math categories. Each category includes 4 unique folders. With the help of realistic information and photos, each folder tells a math “story.” These extra fol..
Model: REM GP167
Grade Level: 7+ Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/ATopics include: Matrices; Probability Concepts; Factorials; Sequences and Summation Notation Statistical Concepts. An answer key is included in this 96-page book.Read ReviewTable of ContentsINTRODUCTIONCHAPTER 1:  Quadratic Equa..
Model: REM GP003
Classroom Management for Substitute Teachers book provides elementary substitute teachers a basis to manage the classroom and to teach effectively. If you are not prepared for the students in your classroom, your substitute teaching experiences will be less than satisfying. TABLE OF CONTENTSChallenging the E..
Model: REM GP163
Grade Level: 7+ Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/ATopics include: Order of Operations; Factors; Prime & Composite Numbers; Greatest Common Factor; Exponents; Least Common Multiple; Variables; Properties; Integers; Rational Numbers; and Ratio, Proportion, and Percent. An answer key is included in th..
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