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Save big on these discontinued and overstock math materials from Remedia Publications. 

Model: REM 139
Grade Level: 1-3Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/ARecognizing and reproducing patterns!Coloring, connecting the dots, and drawing activities are all used to sequence shapes, peg-patterns, geometric designs, and grids. With each of the 46 lessons in this unit, students develop skills in deter..
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Model: REM 976
Grade Level: 1-3Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AStrong readiness skills are an important prerequisite for reading success. Help young learners achieve this with our superlative 4-book set that features a total of 192 practice pages designed to strengthen important foundational skills. We think y..
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Model: REM 1252A
Grade Level: 2+Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 1-4Turn students into place value wizards with these color-coded dominoes! Set of 48 durable dominoes can be played at three levels of difficulty depending on the ability level of the students. Dominoes feature 2 to 5-digit numbers covering ones, tens, hu..
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Model: REM 149
Grade Level: 1-3Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AGet your students off to a great start with these simple, creative activities sure to improve visual, perceptual, fine-motor, and spatial skills!This step-by-step book offers students plenty of practice applying the concepts of location and d..
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Model: REM 143
Grade Level: 1-3Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AShapes is the perfect way for students to learn about two and three-dimensional shapes. Using creative tracing and writing activities, your students will have a great time as they learn to identify, describe, and create shapes such as the square, c..
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Model: REM 179A
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 1-3Addition Improve math skills in a flash with these unique, colorful flash cards! A concrete example of each equation shows students how numbers are a "shortcut" to representing amounts of actual objects, helping them make the leap from concrete objec..
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