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Model: REM 617
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-4*Students will write great book reports as they follow the guidelines in this concisely-structured book. Outline headings and leading questions prompt students to include essential information and selective portrayals of main characters, settings, or ..
Model: REM 106B
Grade Level: 3-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5*Students will gain important life-time skills and confidence as they learn how to compose all kinds of written correspondence including simple notes, postcards, friendly letters, social notes, and business letters. Examples of each type include typic..
Model: REM 3021
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-3*The step-by-step lessons in this book will result in a complete understanding of the makeup and development of a paragraph. From learning the format, to identifying sentences that do not belong in a given paragraph, to writing a paragraph prompted by..
Model: REM 140
Grade Level: 4-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5*The delightful activities in this book provide the perfect approach to introducing students to the special kind of writing used to create poetry. They will gain an appreciation for this captivating way of expressing humor, personal feelings, strong e..
Model: REM 3011
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 1-2*With this step-by-step book, students will learn how to tell the difference between fragments and complete sentences, how to turn fragments into complete sentences, and how to write descriptive sentences using adjectives and adverbs. Combining short,..
Model: REM 304C
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 3-4*Students will write great short reports as they follow the guidelines in this step-by-step book. After reading each one-page story, students answer key questions designed to extract important facts from the written information. The questions are stru..
Model: REM 150
Grade Level: 3-8Interest Level: N/A CCSS Level: 3-4*Storytellers will become great story writers as they practice the step-by-step techniques of the writing process in this highly motivating book. Clearly-stated examples and clever illustrations introduce each essential element of creating writing that ..
Model: REM 1077E
CSS Level: 2-6Interest Level: 2-12Reading Level: 2-5Students follow clues, find facts, and make inferences to solve each caper. These short, high-interest mysteries take place in fascinating locations that will grab your struggling reader’s attention! Each mystery is paired with an informa..
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