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Writing Basics Series: Writing Sentences

Writing Basics Series: Writing Sentences

Price: $8.99
Item #: REM 3011
Average Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars!
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Cindy said,
Rating - This book offered many different activities to aide in forming proper, complete sentences and paragraphs. It has been very useful in my classroom.
Grade Level: 3-6
Interest Level: N/A
CCSS Level: 1-2*

With this step-by-step book, students will learn how to tell the difference between fragments and complete sentences, how to turn fragments into complete sentences, and how to write descriptive sentences using adjectives and adverbs. Combining short, related sentences is also covered, as well as capitalization and appropriate end punctuation.

The lessons are sequential, beginning with identifying complete sentences, progressing to putting sentence parts together, and finally writing original sentences. A challenge activity on each page offers students an opportunity to expand on their understanding of the skills they have learned.

While gaining competency in sentence development, students will also enhance their comprehension, vocabulary, handwriting, and spelling skills as they work through the various activities in Writing Sentences. An effective teaching aid for a wide range of ability levels!

*Click here to download the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts for this product.

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Writing Basics Series: Writing Sentences
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Writing Basics Series: Writing Sentences
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