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Grade 2

Model: REM 13A
Grade Level: 2Interest Level: N/ACCSS Math Level: 1*“Solve problems! Color code the answers.” The exercises found here will improve math and motor skills.Example: Twenty ghosts float on one of the worksheets. Inside each goblin is a single addition problem. Once students have completed the math..
Model: REM 60
Grade Level: 2Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/ABuild Basic Skills the hands-on way!Young readers will have a great time as they complete the 43 activities designed to improve reading, handwriting, comprehension, and fine motor skills! Each delightful lesson includes an easy-to-read mini-sto..
Model: REM 171B
Grade Level: 2Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AAdvance their reading skills!Whether being asked to read an advertisement, identify parts of a car, or draw railroad tracks to map where the circus traveled, the 30 illustrated activities included in this book provide an interesting way to boos..
Model: REM 494A
Grade Level: 1-3 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/AImprove a child’s reading and comprehension skills.Using a variety of teaching tools, each of the 24 lessons found in this book highlights four to six words. After using the words to complete a short paragraph on subjects ranging from “earthworms” ..
Model: REM GP225
Grade Level: 2 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/AThis book provides the tools necessary to capture the wonder and fun of mathematics while helping teachers and parents instruct the Common Core Mathematics Standards in a manageable way. This book focuses and connects to the Standards for Mathematical Co..
Model: REM 12A
Grade Level: 1-2Interest Level: N/ACCSS Math Level: 2-3*From using the paper ruler provided to measure inches, to figuring pints, quarts and gallons, students will learn basic measuring through the 19 imaginative lessons in the book.How long is the funny looking worm? How tall is the double-sco..
Model: REM 160A
Grade Level: 1+Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/AONES Place to MILLIONS Place!Students begin by recognizing groupings of ones and tens, then gradually progress to recognizing hundreds in Primary Place Value. By the end of the book, they will be able to name the place value of each digit in..
Model: REM 1040
Grade Level: 2-3Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5Fluency is a key component of reading comprehension, and these ready-to-use activities provide plenty of practice in both speed and comprehension. 14 short, high-interest stories will capture students' attention while they race the clock to improve th..
Model: REM 157
Grade Level: 2-3Interest Level: N/AReading Level: N/ATeach essential sequencing skills the "hands-on" way with this fun and highly effective skill-based book! Exercises begin at a basic level where students manipulate language by cutting and pasting short stories into a meaningful sequence. Activiti..
Model: REM 1129A
Grade Level: 2-3Interest Level: N/ACCSS Math Level: 1-2*Do your students struggle with word problems? Our unique Step-by-Step Solution gives students the tools to understand word problems and actually enjoy working them! With the help of just 6 easy-to-follow steps, students are able to break apart w..
Model: REM GP203
Grade Level: 1-2 Interest Level: N/A Reading Level: N/AThe Summer Activities for Fall Readiness book is developed to help students maintain the academic skills they have already acquired and to get a head start on the skills they will learn in the coming school year.  This book can also be used anytim..
Model: REM 617
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-4*Students will write great book reports as they follow the guidelines in this concisely-structured book. Outline headings and leading questions prompt students to include essential information and selective portrayals of main characters, settings, or ..
Model: REM 106B
Grade Level: 3-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5*Students will gain important life-time skills and confidence as they learn how to compose all kinds of written correspondence including simple notes, postcards, friendly letters, social notes, and business letters. Examples of each type include typic..
Model: REM 140
Grade Level: 4-8Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 2-5*The delightful activities in this book provide the perfect approach to introducing students to the special kind of writing used to create poetry. They will gain an appreciation for this captivating way of expressing humor, personal feelings, strong e..
Model: REM 3011
Grade Level: 3-6Interest Level: N/ACCSS Level: 1-2*With this step-by-step book, students will learn how to tell the difference between fragments and complete sentences, how to turn fragments into complete sentences, and how to write descriptive sentences using adjectives and adverbs. Combining short,..
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